How does automation work

On the surface the automation feature is simple, but how are complex decision taken and in which order? The core of Implio is a function that arranges and applies workflows in a manner that ensures that the right decisions are taken for each individual piece of content. The management of this is called  orchestration


The orchestration functionality makes the final decision on whether an item should be approved, refused or passed on to manual moderation. This decision is being made based on the actions of the rules it was matched with.

Manual Moderation

If a rule with a "manual moderation" action matches an item, it will always be sent to the manual moderation panel, regardless of the actions of other rules. This is for example useful when you want to isolate scams in order to take additional actions to the user account.


A item gets refused if a rule with a "refusal" action matches an item, and there are no matches with “manual moderation” rules.


When the item doesn’t match with any rules, or a rule with a “nothing” action, it will automatically get approved.

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