How to decide between pre- and post-moderation

When moderating there are different approaches you can use. In this article we will focus on pre- and post moderation, but if you are interested in learning more about the other types you can read about them in more details here.

Pre- and Post-Moderation Defined 


Content is moderated prior to getting published on your site/app.  


Content is published as soon as the user submits it to your site/app. The content is then moderated afterwards while live on the site/app.  


Which method should you choose? 


Generally best practice is to pre-moderate in order to ensure that the content on your site/app is adhering to your policies. 

However, pre-moderation affects the time to site for content. It also required an integration with the Implio API that can retry to send data on failure to ensure that no data is lost.  



For time sensitive content where data needs to reach your site instantly post-moderation is the option to chose.  


Combined methods:

With Implio you can choose to mix the two methods. If it’s ok that your content is delayed just a couple of seconds you can use automation to pre-moderate your content, then combine it with manual post-moderation.  

If the automation result is indecisive you can publish it, but queue the ad in Implio and manually moderate it. If the manual moderator finds it against the rules, it can then be removed from the site. 

This method works well if a big part of your content can be automated ensuring that the amount of content reaching the manual moderation step is minimal.   

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