How do manual moderation queues work?


Items that can't be automatically moderated are sent to manual moderation queues where they await human review. 

The following queues come standard with any Implio team:

  • Default queue
  • Escalated queue

More queues can be created as needed, each queue being identified and referred to by a name.

Automation rules can send matched items to a specific queue for manual review.

Content review

When entering a queue, a batch of items (10 by default) is presented to the moderator. Those are the oldest items in the queue.

Items are then reviewed one by one. For each item, the moderator can choose a moderation decision (mandatory)send feedback to the end user (optional), and leave an optional note for subsequent moderators.

Moderation decision

The main outcome of the review is the moderation decision, which can be:

  • Approve
  • Refuse (with a reason)
  • Send to queue

The latter allows to choose a different queue, so that for example a more qualified moderator can take a closer look.

User feedback

Optionally, moderators can send some feedback to the end user, among a list of predefined (and customizable) values.
Your site can in turn send a notification or email to the end user, for instance, encouraging him/her to improve the quality of his/her picture.

Moderation notes

Moderators can leave notes for other moderators to see. For instance, that the content looks suspicious.

Those notes will be visible when going back to the item on which they were left. But also more importantly, when reviewing items subsequently posted by the same end user, or from the same IP address, or from the same email address...

By reading previously-left notes, moderators have more context on which to base their decision. When fighting fraud, this allows moderators to collectively build a trail of evidence about users, email addresses, IP addresses... involved in fraud.

Item locking

Items are locked while being reviewed, preventing other users from reviewing the same content. This allows multiple moderators to efficiently work together on a queue.
If items are not reviewed after 10 minutes, the lock is released so that items are made available to other moderators, making sure that items are reviewed on in a timely fashion.


You can customize some features of the manual moderation queues. Go to Team settings > Moderation interface to:

  • change the number of items to be displayed/reviewed per page
  • choose whether to pre-select the approve button on every item in the queue 
  • adjust the way items are presented

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