Tour of Manual Moderation View

The "Manual Moderation View" is where you will be manually moderating items that has been sent here by the automated decisions. To give you a quick introduction to the different elements of the page, we have created the overview below.

Every page in the queue shows 20 items by default. Start by scrolling through the list of items and pick a moderation decision for each. Click submit decisions at the end of the page to confirm your moderation decisions and any changes you made to the content.

  1. Information about the content and customer specific data tied to it.
  2. User information including customer specific data tied to the user
  3. Content body
  4. Location information including customer specific data tied to the location
  5. Moderation help: item history, matching automation rules, duplicate detection warning
  6. External links to the item in back offices outside of Implio. You must provide the URLs via the API to be able to link to your back office.
  7. Moderation feedback to provide additional tips to your end users.
  8. Moderation decisions
  9. Number of items to moderate on the current page. The color code indicates the current moderation decision. Green items are to be approved, red means they will be refused and grey indicates that these items weren't moderated yet.
  10. Button to validate all the changes and moderation decisions taken on the page

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