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With Moderation Notes, moderators can share insights about end users and the content items they post. These insights then automatically appear next to items being reviewed, as relevant.

Here a couple of use cases that illustrate when notes can be useful.

Consider an end user who has just made a positive contribution to your site that is helpful to your community.
The moderator reviewing the content may leave a note of that. Next time this happens, a moderator seeing the notes that this has already happened in the past may decide to promote the user to a high rank on the site.

Conversely, if a user is suspected of fraud or bad behavior, a note may be left to indicate that. Next time an item comes in from the same user or from the same IP address, the moderator will see the note and be aware of that.

How to leave notes

To begin using this feature and make it useful for your own use cases, all your moderation team needs to do is to start leaving notes with insights that contributed to their moderation decision or that may be useful in the future.

Notes can be left by clicking the note icon located in the top-right corner of an item.
Clicking that icon reveals a text field which allows you to leave a note, up to 2,000 characters long:

You can create as many notes as you need to, but notes cannot be edited.

What happens next?

For any incoming moderation item in a moderation queue, Implio will look for any relevant notes and display them.

This happens for any note left on an item sharing one or more of the following attributes with the item currently being reviewed:

  • same item ID
  • same user ID
  • same IP address
  • same email address
  • same phone number

Attributes in common between the note and the item being reviewed are symbolized by icons displayed above the note itself.

The moderator who left the note and the date at which it was left are indicated below the note.

Give it a bit of time, and notes will start showing up for incoming contents and provide your moderators with valuable insights.

Future developments

We are planning to let automation rules make use of moderation notes at a later stage.

This section will be updated when that new capability is added.

You can vote on that idea and follow any development here:

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